I recently had a half-hour PT session with Donna Parise-Byrne and got instant relief from severe bursitis hip pain. This isn’t the first time she’s performed her re-adjustment “magic.” I’ve been going to her for several years, whenever my hip flares up, and I always leave pain-free.  Janice R.

Donna - I completed my first race today in two years due to your awesome expertise in physical therapy! I can't begin to thank you for helping me with my leg/back problems. I did an aquabike which was a mile swim followed by a 25 mile bike ride. I was able to complete it in a very high level and would not have been able to without your help. Such a simple solution to fix my problem when other doctors didn't see it and didn't believe me. Thank you so much for making such a difference with the quality of my life! Bill D.

I have been coming to Pilates Central twice a week for almost 10 years. When I first met Donna I had horrible, chronic hip, back and neck pain that had gone on for years. I had tried everything from drugs to massage and injections to ease the pain. After just a few months working with her my back and neck pain were gone and have never returned! Though my hip eventually needed surgery, my recovery from that was successful and complete thanks to Pilates. Today I am in the best shape of my life, strong, toned, pain free and a lifelong devotee to Pilates and the wonderful staff at Pilates Central who are all highly trained and caring instructors hand picked by the best Physical Therapist there is...Donna Parise Byrne! Thank you Pilates Central for giving me my life back. Jeanie B!, Evanston IL 

Donna - I was kind of paranoid that my knee would heal wrong if I didn't have the tape on properly. Now I feel confident. You're the best! Janice R

After multiple surgeries I started with Donna for physical therapy 8 years ago, I moved into classes and have been coming ever since.  Much to my doctors (and my surprise) my osteoporosis has moved to osteopenia - AND I have grown 1/2 inch taller - he's never seen this before! Chris C.

Donna Parise Byrne, PT, board certified orthopedic clincial specialist, opened Pilates Central and her physical therapy practice in 2003. I met Donna initially as a physical therapy patient shortly after Pilates Central opened and have continued on as a regular "reformer" class participant ever since. The Pilates program at Pilates Central is beneficial to all who want to build strength, gain flexibility, and maintain a stable posture. Whether you are rehabbing from an injury, an athlete who is interested in staying injury free, or a person striving to maintain good health, Pilates Central will help you attain your goals. I believe that Pilates has helped me avoid surgery, is an essential component of a healthy exercise program and is a great way to meet some wonderful people.  Hilde H, PT

I have been a "regular" at Pilates Central for 4 years. Reformer and EXO Chair pilates will transform your body and is perfect for almost anyone of any age. I became interested in reformer and EXO Chair pilates after being a patient of Donna's for physical therapy. I graduated from weekly PT with Donna into the reformer pilates classes.  I would encourage anyone who is interested in increasing their overall flexibility, strength, coordination and core from head to toe to call Pilates Central. Donna is an amazing clinician and instructor. Shout outs to Laura and Elizabeth too. Keep up the great work Pilates Central. Mary Q

I've been part of Pilates Central for almost 2 years. Laura is my instructor who guides me twice weekly once in class and once in a private. She has a wealth of knowledge of body parts that has benefitted me even during recooperating from knee surgery. Always upbeat and happy, people who really enjoy what they do, that is how I would describe the Pilates Central team. Laura makes my classes challenging, but that's what I'm there for. And, the fact that when I leave her, I'm an inch taller! Janice S

I've been a client at Pilates Central for four years. I get physical therapy from Donna Parise Byrne, and also take reformer pilates classes, from Donna and several other teachers. The atmosphere of the beautiful studio and dedicated and amazing teachers has made me fall in love with Pilates! I feel great after class, and the teachers do a great job of adapting the workouts to your abilities. Donna is an amazing therapist, and has also helped me find physicians for my specific medical issues. She is always positive, and makes classes and therapy enjoyable experiences. I couldn't imagine this journey without Donna's guidance, support and encouragement.  Betsy T

Congratulations to Donna for achieving this outstanding PRI Certification. I am sure that all of your students and patients will benefit (as we already do) from your expertise in this area. This just augments and accents further all of your skill and knowledge of all aspects of PT. We are very happy for you.  Cheers, George B

I had always enjoyed exercise and considered myself an active, if not athletic person. In my younger years, I ran track, was captain of my high school ski team and raced sail boats.      In my forties, I developed chronic back problems. I continued my activities but was on an endless search for pain relief. By age 53, my sciatica was more than I could bear. I faced a fork in the road. I could limit my activities and accept a life of pain or I could try to correct my physical condition.      I was so pleased to be introduced to Donna for physical therapy. I immediately felt comfortable in Pilates Central where there were people of all levels of fitness taking classes. While the studio offers privacy for PT clients like me who needed special treatment, parts of my sessions took place in the common area where I could get some aspiration seeing other people with greater mobility.    Now, after a full recovery, I’ve graduated to the classes and observe the progress Donna makes with others who need her help.  There is tremendous caring and camaraderie at Pilates Central which certainly adds to the health benefits.     Gwen M P