Pilates Principles

What is Pilates? 

An exercise regime based on the principles developed by Joseph Pilates in the mid 1920’s. Pilates has been used for decades by athletes and dancers to improve body alignment and build long lean muscles. At Pilates Central we use spring driven machines which offer challenging, safe, low impact strengthening and stretching exercise. Emphasis is placed on proper form, safety and alignment focusing on the body’s core musculature.

Pilates Principles

  • Breathing

  • Concentration

  • Control

  • Alignment

  • Precision

  • Flow

Pilates in Rehab

There are a multitude of ways the utilize the equipment to rehabilitate any joint in the body,  The muscles of core control work to provide stability and mobility. This promotes balance throughout the body while rehabbing the area of injury or dysfunction.  The springs can be used for assistance for weak muscles and also for resistance as the patient progresses.

To Get Started

Prior to attending the first class at Pilates Central we require all new clients to complete an Introduction or Evaluation.  This is a private one on one session with one of our qualified instructors insuring you will be prepared for classes at Pilates Central.  This session is scheduled by appointment only, please call the studio to schedule your appointment. After this session you are free to schedule yourself into any class which has openings.

Payment and Class cards

Payment can be made in the studio and online.  When clients have a permanent class spot we reserve your place in class every week, we will continue to expect you unless you remove yourself from future classes.  Please do so or you will be held responsible for classes marked “absent” even after your card has expired. Mat class cards expire after 120 days, reformer cards expire after 1 year. No refunds are available after 3 days, if you are unable to use any remaining class sessions they may be transfered to other services.